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Having a Hard Time Saving Money? So is Everyone Else

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Are you having a hard time saving money? Well, saving money doesn’t come easily for anyone, whether it’s a retirement account or an emergency fund. But it turns out most people are struggling with it as much - or more [...]

How to Help Prevent – and Recover From – Identity Theft

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Financial stress in the workplace often comes directly from worries about the unexpected: job loss, surprise expenses or injuries. Identity theft and fraud are becoming an increasingly common source of financial worry for employees. According to a recent survey from [...]

Student Loans Are Coming Due. Are You Ready?

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It’s the start of fall, a few weeks until Halloween, and another significant milestone as well; student loans are coming due for May 2016 graduates. Federal student loans typically have a six-month grace period after graduation to allow borrowers an [...]

How Employee Benefits Changed Over 20 Years

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A lot of things have changed since 1996. Cell phones are smaller and smarter, the Internet is a whole lot faster and superfoods like kale are now in everything from cookies to chocolate. Welcome to the new age. It turns [...]

Feeling Sick? Financial Stress Isn’t Just About Numbers

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Are you feeling sick? Do you find yourself just sniffling away, coughing and sneezing? Unable to shake what should be a two-day head cold? The problem might not be germs, but what’s in your wallet. There are plenty of money-centric [...]

College Costs Are Outpacing Most People’s Income Growth – by a Lot

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College costs a lot. In fact, today’s college students are taking on unprecedented amounts of debt to pay for an education - they hope - will lead to better career prospects down the road. Watching Millennials struggle under this load [...]

3 Simple Budget Saves That Will Lower Your Financial Stress

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Financial stress is overwhelming - and more so when every little thing seems to pile on top of each other. With so many financial issues for you to tackle, sometimes it seems like a miracle is the only possible way [...]

More Employees Are Making Their Best Money Moves

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This week we launched another customer into the Best Money Moves program: the Kenneth Young Center, a nonprofit organization offering community mental health and senior services in Chicago’s northwest suburbs. We’re thrilled to have them on board and excited to [...]

Why 50% of Americans Can’t Understand Their Credit Cards

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Remember life before credit cards? Best Money Moves Founder/CEO Ilyce Glink remembers her grandfather carrying around a wad of fresh $20 bills, peeling them off one by one to pay for dinner. Credit cards changed the way we pay for [...]

What’s the Biggest Source of Financial Stress in Your State?

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Are you financially stressed? Do you know what’s causing it? A recent study by asked Americans to identify their biggest financial stressor and then broke down the results by state. Check out the map above to see which financial [...]