Covid has been especially tough on the workforce. First, 50+ million employees lost their jobs, took a pay cut or endured a forced furlough. Now, companies are struggling with the Great Resignation, with the biggest numbers of employees resigning in order to find a better paying job with better benefits – and those benefits better include financial wellness tools and solutions.

Even with personal income rising, more than 60% of Americans are broke. They don’t even have $1,000 for emergencies. As an employer, this shouldn’t be your problem. But it is. Because 80% of your employees are suffering from moderate or severe financial stress. That means they miss more work, are less focused, engaged and productive than non-financially stressed colleagues, and have higher rates of turnover. But it doesn’t have to be that way…

We’re a different financial wellness solution.

Led by award-winning financial writer, author, blogger and radio talk show host Ilyce Glink, Best Money Moves uses artificial intelligence to power a mobile-first platform that measures employee financial stress, then dials it down with a unique content-mapping system that pushes the right information, tools, solutions – and your own corporate-paid benefits – to the employee, right when they’re looking for it, to help reduce and resolve workforce financial pain points.

We personalize benefits, increasing usage. It’ll make your CFO smile.

Best Money Moves also personalizes benefits, combining them with an employees’ personal finances so it’s easy to see all the pieces of your financial life together, and in context. Our triggers and alerts system helps guide an employees to make smarter financial decisions, which leads to lower turnover, higher retention, lower healthcare costs with better outcomes, lower levels of workplace accidents, and so much more.

Don’t wait for the next Pandemic or recession to give your employees what they want and need.

Find out more about how Best Money Moves can relieve your employees’ financial stress.

Employee financial (un)wellness is expensive

Haven’t you already noticed? Employees who are financially stressed are more likely to be alcoholic, drug-addicted, overweight, have increased workplace accidents, negative co-worker interactions, unemployed absences, and healthcare costs.

Workforce financial stress costs employers

13 – 18%

of annual salary

Click on the bar below to find out how much your financially-stressed workforce is actually costing your company.

How much is financial stress costing your company


Best Money Moves Bronze, Silver, Gold & Premium


Best Money Moves offers high levels of customization and engagement, so your employees get the information, tools, solutions and products they need to live their best financial lives.

Best Money Moves offers several different products, designed to meet the needs of your workforce: Bronze, Silver, Gold and Premium. Depending on the configuration of the product, you can offer your employees the platform only, or add on money coaching with our award-winning Money Coaches. You can also offer your employees free credit scores – and we’ll help them understand why their scores aren’t higher and what they can do to remedy that situation.

Introducing Best Money Moves Premium

Our latest, and most affordable, product is Best Money Moves Premium, which launched in January 2021. Best Money Moves Premium allows companies to personalize and contextualize the benefits they give to their employees, dramatically cutting down the time it takes to implement a full-service financial wellness program. We have a full slate of award-winning, best-in-class benefits our customers can choose for their employees or end users, or companies can pull in their own benefits and use our triggers & alerts overlay to push the right benefit to the right person at the right point in time. Best Money Moves Premium is available as a zero-cost or low-cost white label solution to the problem of getting employees to engage with their benefits.

Financial Wellness is a Must-Have

It’s still the #1 requested benefit.

Coronavirus has changed the way companies provide benefits. More than half of all households lost income during the Covid-19 Pandemic. And, tens of millions of Americans are still unemployed. Your employees want greater financial wellbeing and they’re looking to you to provide it. Whichever version of Best Money Moves you choose, remember that reducing workforce financial stress translates into happier, healthier and more productive employees.


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