“One thing I appreciated about Best Money Moves is that it’s both interactive and introspective. So we have the absolute best aspects of everything. I’ve seen students perk up and learn things they’ve never heard before. I’ve seen them utilize new technologies such as the Best Money Moves app. Overall this has been an amazing journey because it’s opened so many doors for students to want to engage in their futures. This program really does a good job in showing that ‘Okay, this is for me, it’s not just for other people.'”
Rafael Encinas, Academic Advisor/Transition Coordinator, Arizona Western College
“Best Money Moves is a really sophisticated, smart, intuitive, good-looking platform for folks to better manage their finances and to get some support from their organizations in helping them do that. I think it’s a tool that’s really needed, and an interesting one as well.”
Steve Boese, HR Technology Conference Co-Chair, Co-Host of the HR Happy Hour Podcast
“When we curate partners for our HR Community App Center we are looking for organizations to help solve our client’s critical HR challenges – lowering employee financial stress being one of them. We are partnering with Best Money Moves due to their award winning, unbiased content, easy to use program, high user ratings, integration capabilities and flexible technology platform.

“What we’ve since discovered is a team that’s innovative, detail-oriented and dedicated to partner and customer success. We anticipate a long-term partnership that will help our customers solve their employees’ financial wellness concerns by delivering personalized and customized solutions. We enthusiastically recommend Best Money Moves. “

Kristi Sanders, Global VP, Well-Being at Work, SAP SuccessFactors, San Francisco, CA
“We’re trying to find way to help our employees reduce the stress they feel around income, managing their financial lives and their jobs. Best Money Moves was the right move for our employees. We’ve had it since September, 2017 and Best Money Moves is terrific! Our employees love it and I love how easy it is to use. I would recommend it to every workforce because nearly all employees are worried about money.”
Monica Goodwyn, VP Human Resources and Administration, MRIS a Bright MLS, Rockville, MD
“Delta Dental of Colorado has a strong mission to serve Colorado and improve the oral health of the communities we serve. We can’t achieve our mission without the commitment and dedication of our employees. They are the lifeblood of our organization. I am also concerned that as we think about the elements of wellbeing, we have historically focused just on health and physical wellness, and built our corporate wellness programs accordingly. But our commitment to our employees needs to be broader than that. It needs to include the best tools to help them boost their financial wellness and support them in their overall health and wellbeing.

We have signed a contract with Best Money Moves and added BMM to the DDCO vitality program so that our employees know that we care not only about their physical wellness, but also about their financial wellbeing. We want them to have the best tools to help them in that journey. We are excited to see how the use of this tool helps our employee population focus more on their financial health and hopefully lower the stress that comes from financial challenges in life.
I have watched the development of the BMM tool with keen interest and feel confident that this tool is best in class but also has the potential to be a game changer for individuals in a very personal way.”

Helen Drexler, President and CEO, Delta Dental of Colorado, Denver, CO
“The product was very helpful and instrumental in introducing the concept of budgeting and financial planning to our group of kids at the B&GC of Bluffton.  Being the savvy online gurus they were, they quickly were able to figure out how to get around in the product and were able to create their first budget.”
Paul Hoyte, B&GC, Bluffton, SC
“We are pleased to provide our associates with access to Best Money Moves. Our leadership team was impressed with its focus on reducing financial stress, developing budgets, and providing access to comprehensive content across a wide range of financial topics. Best Money Moves serves up relevant content depending on the user’s interests and stress categories. Plus, we like that the content is completely independent and unbiased. Best Money Moves allows users to learn to manage their finances with greater confidence.

Our company sees tremendous demand for relevant, online content and resources. In fact, in our recent survey of future and recent homebuyers, respondents said credit score, retirement and credit card bills ranked highest as a source of stress. And, 80 percent said they would or may be interested in using an online financial wellness tool to help improve their stress levels.”

Tracey Shell, VP, Director of Marketing Communication, Down Payment Resource, Atlanta, GA