4 reasons why employee financial wellness should be a top priority for employers. Employers  recognize the importance of employee financial wellness. Here’s why.

The importance of financial wellbeing is becoming increasingly clear to many employers, made all the more urgent  as the economic fallout of the Coronavirus/COVID-19 pandemic continues. In fact, 90 percent of employers reported they planned to create or expand their financial wellbeing programs beyond retirement decisions, according to HR Consultancy Alight Solutions. The February 2021 survey, which involved over 115 employers that lead over 5.4 million employees, found that employers are expanding their focus on financial wellbeing, with 67 percent of employers offering a broader wellbeing initiative in the past two years alone. 

4 Reasons Why Financial Wellness is a Top Priority for Employers

Here are four key reasons why employee financial wellbeing is a top priority, as highlighted by Alight Solutions’ survey. 

1. Financial wellness enhances the overall employee experience.

85% of employers are creating or expanding their financial wellbeing program in order to enhance the overall employee experience, according to Alight Solutions. An average employee’s 40-hour work week accounts for almost a quarter of the hours in their week. Enhancing the overall experience should be a top priority simply because it can enhance the life of an employee altogether by providing additional financial security.

2. Financially stable employees are engaged employees.

72% of employers cited increasing employee engagement as a reason to create or expand their financial wellbeing program. Additionally, when employees feel their employers care about their health and well-being, they’re 38 percent more engaged, according to a report by Quantum Workplace and Limeade.

3. Organizations that invest in employee financial wellness are more appealing places to work.

If you make an effort to enhance the engagement and experience of your employees, your company looks more attractive to prospective employees. Employers generally understand this. In fact, 47% claimed they created or expanded financial wellbeing programs to  differentiate themselves as an employer. Being able to offer a full range of benefits beyond the job description can help bring in the best talent.

4. The impact of COVID-19 has made the need for financial wellness more apparent.

In 2020, almost 80% of employers increased communications about the retirement and/or financial wellbeing benefits that they provide to their workers. The COVID-19 pandemic has caused collective trauma among employees. Pandemic-related financial insecurity has taken a toll. Many employers recognize the need to uplift their employees and guide them through these financial difficulties.

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