Returning to work after the coronavirus pandemic. Employees who have been working remotely are eager to get back to work and expect employers to keep them safe when they do.

Most employees (72 percent) are eager to get back to the office after working remotely during the pandemic, according to a new survey by Glassdoor. 

More than 80 percent of employees trust senior leaders to make an informed decision about reopening the workplace and 45 percent of them expect to return to the company’s office in some capacity this summer. 

“There’s no one-size-fits-all model for employers preparing to reopen their offices. While many workers are eager to return to the office, employers considering reopening offices should clearly communicate that the workplace is going to look very different and keep employees informed on what that means for them. Now more than ever, employers must closely monitor local guidelines and listen to their employees to ensure they are meeting the needs of the people that fuel their business,” said Glassdoor Chief People Officer, Carina Cortez.

Returning to Work After the Coronavirus Pandemic

Employees are most excited about socializing with coworkers and resuming in-person collaborations, but they also expect their employers to make changes for health and safety while the threat of Covid-19 still looms:

  • 79 percent of employees expect their employer to provide a disinfectant or hand sanitizer.
  • 54 percent expect their employer to require employees to wear masks or gloves in the office.
  • 45 percent expect their employer to space out workstations at least six feet from coworkers.
  • 38 percent expect their employer to check employees’ temperatures upon arriving at work.

Employees would also like more flexibility post-pandemic. More than 60 percent of employees would continue to work from home full-time even after Covid-19 restrictions are lifted if given the option. When looking for a new job, 60 percent of employees would now consider applying for a position that is entirely remote.

Preparing to Return to Work When Covid-19 Restrictions Are Lifted

Employers should monitor local Covid-19 restrictions, follow guidelines from organizations that prioritize the health and safety of workers and consider innovative office design solutions as they prepare for employees to return to the workplace.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has released guidelines to help employers limit the spread of the coronavirus and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) also has a primer with information on how to protect workers from potential exposures.

Plastic manufacturers are racing to produce items marketed as workplace solutions like face shields, sneeze guards and plexiglass cubicle partitions, but employers should be wary of their efficiency and test solutions before buying in bulk

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