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How Many Americans Struggle with Financial Stress? The Answer May Surprise You

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How many Americans struggle with financial stress? The answer may surprise you. Even though the Great Recession is mostly behind us, the majority of Americans are still stressing out about their finances. In a recent study by Northwestern Mutual, 85 [...]

3 Money Moves that Might Haunt You and How to Avoid Them

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Not every money move is a good one, but some can come back to really haunt you. Consider these potentially scary money moves: Borrowing money for your children’s education; helping a friend by co-signing a lease or mortgage; and, opening [...]

Having a Hard Time Saving Money? So is Everyone Else

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Are you having a hard time saving money? Well, saving money doesn’t come easily for anyone, whether it’s a retirement account or an emergency fund. But it turns out most people are struggling with it as much - or more [...]

How to Help Prevent – and Recover From – Identity Theft

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Financial stress in the workplace often comes directly from worries about the unexpected: job loss, surprise expenses or injuries. Identity theft and fraud are becoming an increasingly common source of financial worry for employees. According to a recent survey from [...]

Student Loans Are Coming Due. Are You Ready?

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It’s the start of fall, a few weeks until Halloween, and another significant milestone as well; student loans are coming due for May 2016 graduates. Federal student loans typically have a six-month grace period after graduation to allow borrowers an [...]