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Here are some Best Money Moves Testimonials from users whose employers have provided access to the Best Money Moves platform.

I have been enjoying the budget and calculator tools.  I also appreciate the recommended articles as they have a wide range of topics – there is something for everyone.

Michelle F. 


I enjoy how user friendly it is. I also like that it can keep track of spending and retirement. 

Hannah C.


It was helpful reading up on mortgage and house info as I am hoping to buy one in the next year! And the credit card debt sections. 

Tiffany S. 


Best Money Moves definitely helps with budgeting. 

Natasha D. 


I enjoy the large selection of informative articles that are provided. The additional tools have opened my eyes to areas of improvement and have helped keep my financial details organized and on track to achieving my goals. 

Jahnee B. 


I was excited to start to enter my finances and start an actual budget and see where my spending was occurring. 

Anna H. 


I like the budget feature as I can easily see where I am spending too much or have leftover for other things or savings.
Holly S. 


I’m just beginning the process of buying my first home and was excited and relieved to learn about BMM’s “Homebuying Journey.” Everything I had questions about was right there in one place. The journey walked me through the process step-by-step and provided additional resources, articles and partnering agencies to assist me. Buying my first home is very stressful, but BMM has offered me a “catch-all” place to find the tools and resources I need to manage that stress and feel more informed about the process. I’m still in the beginning stages, so I plan to continue using BMM as I get closer to my first home! 

Anne K.  


I found the homebuyer’s journey the most helpful. My fiance and I purchased our first home and the BMM platform was a huge help, both during and after the homebuying process. 

Anne P. 


I previously used BMM throughout my first home buying experience. Now, a year later, I’ve found BMM to be helpful at managing finances, especially those unexpected costs that come with home ownership. As a new homeowner, it’s especially important to have a good grip on where your money and where it goes, so that when unexpected surprises come up you can feel more prepared.



Best Money Moves has been a good way for me to keep an eye on my spending and has helpful ways for me on saving. 

Brittany M. 


Best Money Moves has been a really great tool that I have been able to use in the workplace.  I have found some of the articles that really portray to me and what I do and have shared it with my team.  I really appreciate that it helps keep me on track on what I am doing and what I need to do in the future.  I love the fact that it shows my credit report.  I have been working so hard to get it up and to see that it has really proves that my hard work is paying off.  I really appreciate it and will continue to keep using Best Money Moves.

Brittany M. 


I accessed a lot of useful articles under the Resources tab. Even if the topic didn’t relate directly to my circumstances, they were very educational and helpful to have the knowledge. 

Kathy D. 


Best Money Moves has a wealth of information and I know I’m only just scratching the surface.

Kathy D. 


Best Money Moves has really helped me when it comes to my savings. I have a few goals that I have been working towards and it has helped me work on them, as well as achieve a few.
Jenna S. 


Best Money Moves is so easy to use and helps me stay on top of my budget. I love how it lets me know if I am currently overpaying on one of my bills. It’s a great tool to stay on top of things. 

Princess G. 


As a first time homeowner I feel that Best Money Moves has helped me with budgeting my finances. And I found the articles very useful. They answered several questions I had wanted to know about housing and credit scores. 

Korina R. 


I’ve made a lot of big changes recently (bought a car, rented an apartment, and started a new job) so Best Money Moves has been really helpful with keeping track of my budget in an easy and fun way! 

Emma H. 


I love the website because the articles are so informative. 

Jaclynn H. 


The site itself is user friendly, has helpful tips, and I love that I can go into the site to see the webinars that I have missed due to scheduling conflicts! And the contests have been fun that my company has participated on as well through BMM. 

Erika T. 


I think what I like about BMM is that my employer provided it and I trust them so having BMM seems trustworthy too.  In school they don’t teach you much about personal finance.  Glad to have any help to point me in the right direction to making good choices.

Virginia T. 


I like that BMM’s articles are short and easy to understand! 

Carrie M. 


I  like having access to short, simple articles on various topics.  Even though I might think I have a topic mastered, there are frequently a couple tidbits that I pick up on to understand the materials a little better.

Carrie M. 


I have really enjoyed exploring all that Best Money Moves has to offer.  It has videos, reading materials, and actually tools online that allows you to track and understand your spending better,  make a better savings plan, and even information on how to increase household income and lower your expenses.  There is so much valuable information on here!  Everyone who has access should take the time to really explore all this tool has to offer.

Latecia P. 


What I enjoy most about Best Money Moves is all the helpful resources about how to start, build and grow your credit score. I also like being able to add and see my income versus expenses in one place.

Amber H. 


I love Best Money Moves as there are many, many articles/resources on topics that important to me, such as Retirement, Managing Money and Overall Debt, just to name a few.

Amber H. 


I love best money moves and appreciate the helpful tips it provides to save extra cash as a new home owner!

Korina R.


I’ve really enjoyed Best Money Moves! I am able to track my expenses each month and budget my spending easily. 

Ray S. 


I was happy with how easy it was to use the website. 

Riley A.


I really like the little tips and tricks on the resources page because they’re very helpful and practical tips for people who are just starting to manage their finances or just entering the job market. If it were up to me, I’d make a high school level textbook out of all the resources page!
Premal P. 


I really enjoy keeping track of my budget on the best money moves site, it’s awesome when I can update my savings and bills I have managed to pay off by keeping with in my budget. The articles are good reads as well.

Barb K. 


Best Money Moves has been an important tool in organizing the details of my financials, especially in the time of COVID19. It’s helped take the fear out of knowing what that situation is and acting upon it. 

It’s great that I can see my expenses laid out for me and to use the app to determine where my spending should be cut. The articles are incredibly helpful and simple to understand.  I enjoy reading them and have saved quite a few.

Melissa M. 


The site is so easy to navigate, the courses are concise and easy to understand. What many people consider confusing was presented in very simple ways and terms we all understand. 

Kevin M. 


I truly enjoyed utilizing the resources Best Money Moves offered. It introduced financial topics I haven’t really sat down and researched myself. The numerous articles are super informative and make one think of the financial big picture no matter what stage of life you are in.

Dalton W. 


I have been seeking ways to “organize and track” my financial world and Best Money Moves has been helpful with getting me in the right direction.

Traci S. 


BMM has great articles that are well written to understand a vast array of financial topics!  The budgeting tools are a great resource for anyone who doesn’t know where to start with managing personal finances.

Marvin C. 


Cool idea, platform, tools, and interface. Just playing around with it briefly, I think my family will get a ton of value out of it and I’m sure it will help keep me accountable/aware as well. I will have my kids use it (obviously) and tell them to refer their friends to it. Not sure how your biz model is set up other than my experience thus far, (i.e. attached as an employer offered benefit) but I’d definitely be working the angle of getting visibility with the high school/college markets, if not already. 


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