What is a financial wellness program? That depends on how you define it.

For most employees, financial wellness translates into a 401(k) program with perhaps a side dish of information about why you should open up a health savings account (HSA).

It feels sort of meager, like a plate of diet food. But it isn’t that your company doesn’t care about you and your personal finances – they do. But most so-called “financial wellness” programs actually fall into one of two categories: (1) They’re trying to sell you something (that most employees can’t actually afford); and (2) they’re trying to get more assets under management.

Best Money Moves is a different sort of financial wellness program because we’re built around the idea that if you solve employees’ pain points – problems that are causing a lack of focus, falling productivity and retention, and higher health care costs – then employees will be happier, healthier and more engaged overall.

Our program offers a number of features we think will help employees better understand and manage their personal finances, including:

  • Our financial Stressometer (R) helps you measure your level of financial stress in 14 categories
  • Easy-to-use and understand calculators that help you understand what’s happening with your finances, including a budget calculator that gives you your very own Best Money Moves, based on your income
  • A unique content-mapping system that gives you the information you need, when you need it
  • Non-profit money coaches, who can help you more deeply understand and tune your budget to help solve critical issues
  • Point-based reward system that gives you points every time you log in, read an article, work on your budget, set a goal, or measure your financial stress; each point translates into one change to win out monthly contest
  • And more…

Financial wellness programs are great – if they work. Best Money Moves will work to bring down your level of financial stress, and make you a happier, more engaged partner in your professional success. Contact us today for a quote!