Maybe you’ve noticed a faraway look in your employees eyes as you approach them. The few extra personal days they take. Leaving a bit early. Coming in a bit late.

Then you get the productivity reports: They’re down. Turnover is rising. Employee engagement is down.

And, this: More of your employees are spending time in the HR corridor, talking with your HR staff about their own personal financial problems.

We’ve heard this story all over the country, as HR staff talk about trying to counsel employees about their personal financial troubles – but they don’t feel qualified, since many of them are in debt and struggling to make the numbers work, too.

We know stress makes people sick. Financial stress makes them even sicker. But up until now, employers haven’t wanted to engage on this topic because it speaks to the heart of the biggest issue between employees and employers: pay.

Employers believe is they ask their employees why they’re so stressed financially, the answer will be “I need more money.” And, no employer wants to hear that.

The truth is, if you don’t know how to control your cash, no amount of money will be enough. How do we know? Look at lottery winners. Most people who win the lottery are broke in two years.

Sure, everyone will take a raise, but the simple truth is that no matter how much you earn, if you spend more than you take home each year, you’ll be broke. And, that is true whether you earn $35,000 or $350,000 per year.

But you can help your employees lower their stress levels. Just give them Best Money Moves. We’re a mobile-first tool that helps employees measure their financial stress in 14 different categories, and then use a unique content-mapping system to provide the exact information they need to help them solve their problem and dial down financial stress. We utilize a a point-based reward system that encourages your employees take a fresh look at their finances. And if it’s all too overwhelming, and financial stress levels soar, we push them to call our nonprofit Money Coaches, who can walk them through their budget and help find ways to reduce their financial stress.

Mostly, we help your employees understand that they can control their cash and lead less stressful, more productive lives.

Call us today. Best Money Moves. It’s the best move you can make to help your employees become a more productive, engaged and empowered workforce.