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President-elect Donald Trump wants to allow cross-state insurance sales, a move he says will give consumers and employers more choices and create a “dynamic market.” Proponents of the move say consumers or companies could save money by buying insurance from states that have less expensive insurance requirements. However, industry experts say the move could be a lot of time and effort spent on something that wouldn’t make much of a difference, especially due to the Affordable Care Act’s influence in making insurance policies more uniform in their coverage of expensive conditions like autism and infertility. Of course, that could all change as well with Trump’s repeated promises to repeal and replace the ACA.

Do you think people in your state are happy with their jobs? They are in Hawaii, West Virginia and Maine, but less so in New Mexico, Pennsylvania and Washington.

How serious is your financial stress? A new study found that nearly a quarter of employees report acute financial stress so severe it could qualify as PTSD.

Student loans are a major source of financial stress for America’s workforce, but it doesn’t look like the problem will be solved anytime soon. A recent ProPublica study took a state-by-state look at college tuition costs and income growth – and found they don’t line up.

Is your financial stress hurting your performance at work? According to a new study, about 29 percent of Americans say they’ve skipped work to deal with their money problems.

What does it take to hang on to your company’s best employees? Here’s a four-ingredient recipe for employee retention.

You don’t necessarily need a big company budget for big employee perks. Here are five ways small businesses can offer big employee perks and better retain top talent.

Millennials view employee benefits differently than previous generations of workers, which means companies need to approach benefits for these employees differently. Here’s how HR departments can most effectively reach their millennial employees.

Employers around the country were already preparing for the Department of Labor’s new overtime rules to take effect when a federal court blocked them last week. Should employers now stop what they were doing or continue preparations in case the injunction is overturned? Here’s what the experts say.

Is your office hemorrhaging employees as they move on to other opportunities? Here are five big reasons people leave their jobs – and how to recognize the signs.

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