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Do employees understand their benefits package? A new study from The Guardian Life Insurance Company of America found that less than half of workers have a good understanding of how their employee benefits work and how to best use them.

As a result, 79 percent of working Americans surveyed said they feel serious concerns related to their finances. This in turn makes them more distracted and less productive at work because their minds are on their own financial stress rather than the task at hand.

So what can employers do to help their employees reduce financial stress and build financial confidence? Read on for four ways businesses can help improve employees’ financial outcomes and lower their level of financial stress.

Tech-savvy Millennials can bring a fresh perspective to a company, but their tendency to job-hop can also bring HR headaches. A recent study found that two-thirds of Millennials plan to leave their current gigs in the next four years. Try these three strategies to make your company a place where young workers will want to stay.

Got an open executive position at your company? You don’t want to hire just anyone to fill important leadership roles. This is why many companies look beyond submitted resumes and start recruiting potential candidates who already have another position. Here’s how you can poach (and keep!) top talent in your industry.

While the improving housing market is great for homeowners, millions of potential buyers are finding themselves priced out of the market. Help your employees combat housing-related financial stress.

Are your company’s employees happy with their benefits plans? They may not be, according to a new study by the Transamerica Center for Health Studies. Learn why the study found a communication disconnect between employers and their workers regarding benefits satisfaction.

Everyone loves to be told they’re doing a good job, and getting kudos from a coworker may be even more impactful than hearing it from a manager. Here’s how coworker recognition programs can help improve your bottom line.

Employee wellness programs can be a big investment with great payoffs over time, but only if the program is a good fit for your company culture and employees. Make sure you don’t forget these four often-overlooked steps when building your wellness program.

Keeping employees engaged in the workplace is essential for retention. If they don’t feel connected to their company and coworkers, they’ll be more likely to jump ship if another offer comes along. These are the factors most likely to boost employee engagement this year.

We use self-service portals to do everything from online banking to buying concert tickets. But did you know these online portals can also be time- and money-saving tools for your employee benefits programs? Read up on seven ways these tools can simplify your HR processes.

Which perks are most appealing to today’s employees? Top employers are branching out to entice talent with everything from corporate outings to house-cleaning services to “Whiskey Fridays.” Steal these ideas from Facebook, Google and Netflix.


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