In this week’s Best Money Moves roundup, we take a look at news stories and new research studies that may impact employee benefits and HR issues. We hope you find this news roundup helpful, and we’d love your feedback.

Although the logic of company holiday parties will be debated until the end of time, studies show that they do help boost employee morale. And that’s great! But, what about the morale of senior management? Does the idea of a potential disaster keep you up at night?

Make no mistake: we aren’t talking about how many paper plates you should buy or how much dip you will need. This is holiday party planning for the 21st century workplace. Reduce your legal liability with a smattering of timeless wisdom: Hope for the best but prepare for the worst.

From reducing employee alcohol consumption to preventing unlawful harassment (often stemming from excessive employee alcohol consumption), here are a few timeless, proactive steps that you can take to lessen post-holiday party liability.

Don’t forget, employers are employees too – and the holiday party is meant for you to enjoy as well!

(Don’t forget to do your own research, as laws do vary state by state.)

Steps to reduce your liability during this year’s holiday fun.

Your 401(k) is not your personal piggy bank for holiday spending! When you take a loan from your 401(k), you’re not just taking out cash, you’re taking out the eventual growth that goes along with it. It is recommended that you only pull funds for an emergency or a down payment on a home. Your 401(k)’s best money moves.

Ready or not! 2018 is upon us and brings us new labor and employment laws. Changes are coming to laws and policies at the federal, state and local levels. Areas affected go well beyond the realms of healthcare, employment eligibility, overtime, equal pay and background checks. Is your company ready to accommodate these changes? New laws you need to know for 2018.

A lack of savings and overall financial stress reduces employee productivity. More and more studies are showing that your team members don’t know how to save. This puts your entire company at the mercy of unexpected emergencies. Financial strain of any kind never stays out of the workplace. What can you do? Easy ways to reduce stress and raise productivity now!

Human Resources has evolved to being the most dynamic part of the workforce. HR goes well beyond hiring and firing – this department has a huge impact on employee engagement and success, along with the health and longevity of your company’s future. Are you building a great workplace experience? The future of human resources inside.

Is your company up to snuff when it comes to paid time off?  Certain workplace benefits are more highly regarded than others but PTO seems to take the cake across the board. From vacation time to sick days, personal days and family leave – how can you choose which is best for your company? Different PTO options your HR department should consider.

Will your small business be affected by the NAFTA trade changes? Small business leaders are finding that upcoming changes to the North American Free Trade Agreement may drastically affect product availability and bottom lines. With unknown changes coming to most imported and exported goods, your business could be at stake.  NAFTA’s uncertain times.

Think your company’s job perks are above par? Think again. Basecamp, an ever-growing web development company views their employee benefits very simply: employees’ standard of living is top priority. It turns out that generous salaries and benefits, vacation stipends and shorter summer workdays yields higher productivity, higher profit. Life changing job perks inside.


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