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Navigating gift-giving at work can be tricky. The seemingly simple (and fun) task of a holiday gift exchange can often feel overwhelming and overbearing: How much should you spend? Can you give a gift-card – or even cash? How personal should it be?  Choose the right gift with these tips.

Laughter can create legal liability – here’s what you should know. A poorly chosen joke or off-the-cuff remark by an employee – even if well intended – can bring serious legal troubles to your company and cause higher employee turnover. When workplace humor just isn’t funny.

Millennial employees aren’t asking the right questions about retirement, but they want to. Over one third of millennials cited saving for retirement as their number 1 source of financial stress and half have no clue how much money they’ll need to live on. Here’s how you should help.

The CVS-Aetna merger will influence how your company continues to provide healthcare benefits.  A recent Aon survey shows that top U.S. employers may start contracting healthcare benefits differently, based on this massive takeover.  Here’s how the merger could affect you.

How does your HR team handle sexual harassment complaints? All companies are held to the same standards; regardless of size, industry or location. Being prepared to properly respond involves planning and legal consultation. Be prepared to swiftly address harassment claims.

Congratulations, you’ve made it through 2017’s open enrollment! Don’t worry, you still have plenty of work to do. There are some very important items you’ll want to be on top of before the year ends, in order to avoid headaches later. Here’s your post-ACA-enrollment checkup.

Let the end-of-year vacation binge begin! Often, the stress of arranging your time off or worrying that everything will crumble while you’re gone can derail your trip-planning all together. We all need time off and worrying the entire time is not going to let you unwind. 6 tips to a stress-free break.

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