Best Money Moves Premium

Best Money Moves is a mobile-first service designed to help people measure their financial stress and then dial it down in order to gain control of their financial lives.

Money Coaches

Connect with a coach for personalized, one-on-one help managing credit card debt, student loans, bankruptcy and more.

Financial Training

Courses to help your employees raise their credit score, learn to budget and understand the ins and outs of financial wellness.

Award-Winning Content

With more than 1,000 pieces of written and video content, Best Money Moves helps develop the best habits for your employees.

Connect Your Benefits

Connects users directly to best-in-class products and services, plus a company’s own benefits, all built right into the platform

Intuitive Platform

Push the right products and solutions to users based on actions such as reading articles, watching videos, taking a journey or working on a budget.

Complete Confidentiality

We provide statistical and aggregated data only, but still provide unique insights.

Best Money Moves users see real results:

Average Usage Over Entire Population 33%
User Rating 95%
Percentage of Users Who Use BMM Daily 50%
Reduction in Financial Stress 12%
Reduction in Turnover 8%

All the financial wellness information, tools, solutions and help your employees need – in one place!

  • Student Debt and College Planning Assistance
  • Resources, Journeys, Tools & Calculators
  • Credit Scores and Credit Builder
  • Financial Coaching
  • Identity Theft Protection
  • Medical Debt
  • Healthcare Decision Support
  • Retirement Readiness
  • And your company’s benefits, too!

Best Money Moves curates a selection of partners who provide best-in-class financial solutions for employees. Selection criteria: Cost to employee, cost to employer, breadth of solution, ease-of-use, ability to customize, and company financial status. Our partners provide products and services in the following areas:

Best Money Moves Premium: FAQ

Who is Best Money Moves Designed for?

This award-winning financial wellness platform has something for everyone. Older employees may value the retirement readiness tools and information, while younger employees may learn about buying and insuring a car or paying down student debt. All employees would benefit from learning how to choose the right health insurance plan – and would save an average of $1,300 per year.

Will Low-Wage Employees Use It?

Lower-wage employees take advantage of options like Earned Wage Access (EWA) or Short-Term Loan. They also utilize journeys to help them achieve life’s financial milestones, like buying a car or a first home.

Is Best Money Moves an App?

We designed Best Money Moves to be a mobile-first, responsive product that is available on any phone, tablet or desktop. It is not an app that you would download from an app store. It is highly customizable and can be integrated into an existing HCM or HRIS system.

How Customizable is Best Money Moves?

Our platform is extremely customizable. You can customize branding, group employees by location, salary range or other classifications, add custom content and tiles or remove content that is irrelevant for your employees. You may add your company’s benefits plus our partners to the Your Benefits section and remove or change them later.

Does Best Money Moves Come with Credit Scores and Money Coaching?

Credit scores and access to our Money Coaches are upgrades to the basic Premium platform. That said, most of our customers choose to add them to their version of Best Money Moves.

How Does Best Money Moves Protect My Information?

We take privacy seriously. Best Money Moves live in AWS and is encrypted. We deploy a handful of tools and software to prevent anyone from accessing your personal information.

User Testimonials

I have been enjoying the budget and calculator tools. I also appreciate the recommended articles as they have a wide range of topics – there is something for everyone.
Michelle F.
I enjoy how user friendly it is. I also like that it can keep track
of spending and retirement.
Hannah C.
The site is so easy to navigate, the courses are concise and easy to understand. What many people consider confusing was presented in very simple ways and terms we all understand.
Kevin M.
Best Money Moves has a wealth of information and I know I’m only just scratching the surface.
Kathy D.
The site itself is user friendly, has helpful tips, and I love that I can go into the site to see the webinars that I have missed due to scheduling conflicts! And the contests that my company and BMM have run have been fun!
Erika T.

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