Top 5 reasons why employees leave their jobs in 2020. It has a lot more to do with professional development than it does compensation.

Opportunities for professional development are vital to job satisfaction and employee retention. Without them, employees will look elsewhere, according to research by CareerAddict.

Their latest report asked employees why they quit their jobs and found that a lack of progression influences their decision most. 

CareerAddict’s research is particularly interesting because it found that the top five reasons for quitting a job are the same across all age groups and traditional gender identities.

Top 5 Reasons Why Employees Leave Their Jobs in 2020

CareerAddict found a “steady transgenerational pattern” when it came to factors motivating employees to quit. Across all age groups and across all the gender identities they surveyed, there were only marginal differences between their deciding factors. These are the top five reasons for quitting a job, at any age as a man or as a woman:  

  • Top 5 Reasons Why Employees Leave Their Jobs in 2020

What Do Employees Want From HR?

CareerAddict asked employees to elaborate on what they wanted from HR. After analyzing and coding their responses, these are some of the most common requests:

  • “Ensure work-life balance.”
  • “Respect confidentiality.”
  • “Address harassment.”
  • “Run development trainings.”
  • “Communicate policies better.”
  • “Create employee satisfaction surveys.”
  • “Offer better benefits.”
  • “Support progression.”
  • “Compensate based on merit.”
  • “Ensure supervisors act ethically.”
  • “Conduct exit interviews.”
  • “Offer career guidance.”

CareerAddict advises employers who want to retain top talent should, “Place more emphasis on accommodating their staff’s professional growth. Creating more opportunities for career advancement and recognizing and adequately compensating employees’ efforts are just a few actionable initiatives that can significantly improve employee engagement and retention.”

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