In the Best Money Moves Roundup, we run down the latest news including digitized benefits programs, the best 401(k) plans and tips for retention.

Are your benefits keeping up?

Most employers agree that managing benefits is increasingly complex, which explains the tremendous growth in outsourced technology for HR.

The 5th annual Guardian Workplace Benefits Study found that 8 in 10 employers outsource at least 1 benefits-related function. Roughly 40% of employers plan to expand cloud applications, use a new platform/software, or integrate more functions to their current technology in the next 3 years.

There’s no sign that digitized outsourcing of employee benefits is going to slow down anytime soon. Review your benefits program to make sure it stays competitive as technology continues to transform HR functions.

Digital transformation is critical. Learn about the technological growth reshaping business management. Ready for more?

How does your 401(k) plan measure up? The best 401(k) plans do 5 things to boost employee retirement savings. See if your plan holds up.

Effects of the opioid epidemic on the American labor force. Employers are hit hard with diminished labor forces, compromised productivity and higher healthcare costs. What can you do about it?  

Boost employee loyalty. By focusing employee investments you can increase retention and job satisfaction. Read about the three things that matter most.

Make the most of exit interviews. Take advantage of exit interviews to improve retention strategies. Questions to ask.

Keep a great company culture. One of the toughest retention challenges employers face is maintaining a culture that employees want to be a part of. Here are 3 tips to help.

Should you foot the bill? Walmart is the newest company to offer a tuition program for relevant degrees. See how it correlates to retention and engagement.

Set new employees up for success. It’s important to build trust between your team and a new employee. Avoid these 5 pitfalls.

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