The 3 best benefits for a multigenerational workforce. In a multi-generational workforce, it can be difficult to find employee benefits that address the needs of every employee. This article highlights the top 3 benefits that work well for multi-generational teams.

It’s no secret that employees of different generations expect different kinds of support from their employers. A gen Z employee, fresh out of college, is going to have significantly different challenges than a millennial or gen X employee who’s balancing work and childcare. Meanwhile, older employees will have greater concerns about retirement.  

Multigenerational workforces pose a unique challenge for employers and HR teams: How do you build a benefits package that’s equally attractive to all members of your workforce, when your team members are at radically different stages of their lives? The answer involves big ideas, realistic expectations and room for nuance.

Here are the three benefits to satisfy all members of your multigenerational workforce. 

1. Accessible and comprehensive health benefits

Over half of all Americans receive health insurance from their employers, according to 2019 census data. So it’s not surprising that in a 2020 survey of 2000 multigenerational participants, dental and vision insurance topped the list of most wanted Employee Benefits. Health Insurance is especially useful for a multigenerational team because it’s applicable to individuals of all ages and situations, even those who are otherwise healthy individuals. 

In addition to standard group health insurance, you might consider offering your team access to a health savings account, or HSA. An HSA is a specialized savings account that lets you aside pre-tax funds for later use on qualified medical expenses. HSAs can allow employees additional flexibility in covering significant health expenses. 

2. Widespread flexibility and emphasis on work/life balance

The same Fractyl study found one other consideration to be equal to health benefits. Almost everyone takes flexibility into account when weighing jobs. An equivalent 88% of respondents said they would give “some consideration” or “heavy consideration” to a job with more flexible hours, even if it is lower pay. What’s more, flexibility has never been more important to employees than it is now, in a workforce still recovering from the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. Research consistently supports the pivot to remote and hybrid work models and many workforces are expected to pivot to full remote and hybrid models in the months to come.

3. Holistic financial wellness that can target individual employee needs

Multigenerational teams need benefits that work for employees of all ages, and regardless of what life phase employees might be in, there’s always a need for financial wellness. Whether your employees need to pay off student loans, manage their daily finances, plan for their retirement or something in-between — all employees deal with financial issues. Financial wellness platforms are a strong way to appeal to a variety of demographics with different needs. 

To learn more, check out this article and consider Best Money Moves:

Best Money Moves is a human-centered and individualized approach to financial wellbeing. The comprehensive and user-friendly platform provides a plethora of financial resources and educational tools. The library of resources contains over 700 articles, videos, and calculators. Each Best Money Moves user has their personal feed tailored to the several distinct factors that monitor their personal stress. This means your employee can use Best Money Moves to educate themselves on anything from investing in the stock market to co-signing loans to buying their first home. 

Employee information is always private but employers do have access to key analytics that show overall employee financial stress and stress levels over time. The Employer Dashboard also features information on program usage, debt and savings levels and more so employers can see just how valuable Best Money Moves is to their employees.

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