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Is March Madness 2017 taking over your workplace and killing employee productivity?

The NCAA basketball tournament offers a great opportunity for workplace socializing as employees compare brackets and talk about the latest games, but it can wreak havoc on your otherwise productive office environment.

This puts HR executives in a tough spot: They want to see employees enjoying themselves, but they don’t want to let March Madness distract from the work that still needs to be done.

Fortunately, you can keep March Madness from derailing employee productivity. Learn how HR can control the “madness” in the office while still allowing workers to enjoy the tournament.

Financial wellness continues to be a top employee benefit trend for 2017. Aon Hewitt’s annual Hot Topics in Retirement and Financial Well-Being report found that nearly all (92 percent of) employers are likely to focus on financial wellness beyond retirement benefits this year.  Learn more about the findings.

Uber’s scandals show what happens to a company without a strong HR department. While startups eschew HR executives as stuffy sticklers for the rules who dampen their colorful, creative office cultures, they’re necessary for maintaining a positive, respectful office culture.

Tax time is stressful for employees, especially for those with little experience filing tax returns. Best Money Moves founder and CEO Ilyce Glink has been talking to Millennial employees around the country about their biggest money questions. Are your employees asking these questions about their taxes?

Americans aren’t living as long as they used to. The U.S. is now ranked 42nd in the world for life expectancy, with the average American expected to live about 80 years. Learn how this impacts your employees’ retirement savings and the company’s healthcare costs.

More than 40 percent of Americans aren’t as prepared for retirement as they think they are. A study by the Center for Retirement Research at Boston College found that many workers think they’re saving enough but aren’t, while others worry more than they need to. Why is this retirement disconnect happening?

Which class would have helped you most in high school? A survey by the National Financial Educators Council found that 54 percent of Americans wish they’d had a money management or personal finance class. See the rest of the results.

Boosting workers’ financial wellness doesn’t always mean a full benefits overhaul. A few small initiatives can go a long way toward reducing your employees’ financial stress. Try these five tips.

Is your company’s HR information secure? While cyberattacks dominate the headlines, simple human error and unsecured devices can also let sensitive personal information fall into the hands of people who shouldn’t see it. How do employees feel about security measures at work?

OOPS! This company’s International Women’s Day press release didn’t go as planned. The company announced that it was giving its female employees the day off on March 8, but this nice-sounding gesture was actually a violation of federal labor laws. Here’s what the company did when a journalist asked questions.

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