We’re thrilled to announce that Best Money Moves has been chosen as a semi-finalist for the HR Technology Conference’s “Next Great HR Technology Company” award!

For the last 25 years, Best Money Moves founder, Ilyce Glink, has been tackling tough money questions for millions of Americans through her best-selling books, newspaper columns, popular radio shows and blogs.

She has seen first-hand the financial problems  Americans face everyday.

When companies started approaching Ilyce and asking her to help design financial wellness programs for their customers and employees, she saw a big problem: Many of these programs were only thinly-veiled sales pitches for products and services most people didn’t need and couldn’t afford.

Seeing the need, Ilyce took a different approach. She set out to build Best Money Moves, a mobile-first platform focused on giving people the resources, tools and support they need to get control of their finances and dial down financial stress. Confidential, customizable, easy to use and sales pitch-free, Best Money Moves is unlike any other financial wellness program.

Our team is proud to work with Ilyce to help employees reduce financial stress and sleep better at night. We’re honored to be included as a semi-finalist for the “Next Great HR Technology Company” award, and we’re ready to take the competition all the way to Las Vegas next month. Your vote will help make that happen! Click the link below and make your voice heard.

Thanks to all of you for your continued support!

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