In this week’s Best Money Moves roundup, we take a look at news stories and new research studies that may impact employee benefits and HR issues. We hope you find this news roundup helpful, and we’d love your feedback.

Struggling with employee retention? Boost your professional development programs.

Eighty-seven percent of millennials think it’s important to have opportunities for professional development at their jobs. In fact, a lack of growth opportunities at work is one of the key reasons that employees leave for greener pastures.

More and more organizations are offering career-growth benefits that are tailored to their employees. According to SHRM, 43 percent offer executive or leadership coaching, 22 percent offer formal mentoring programs and 16 percent offer career counseling.

Employees at all levels can benefit from training programs that help build skills, from public speaking exercises to continuing education courses designed specifically for your company. Here’s why helping employees succeed is good for morale and your bottom line.


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We’re thrilled to welcome another company to the Best Money Moves family! As of last week, YWCA Chicago’s employees are taking the first steps toward identifying and dialing down their financial stress. Welcome!

What’s in store for employee benefits in 2018? Younger employees are changing the landscape, and financial security continues to be a big concern. See what other trends you can expect next year.

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For the first time in history, five generations will be working together. Accommodating a wide range of people with different needs will be a challenge for HR departments. Understand these key differences.

Your employees are worrying about money. According to a new survey from Mercer, 16 percent of employees spend more than 20 working hours each month worrying about their finances. Learn what you can do to help.

Your employees have student debt, and it’s impacting their financial wellness and personal health more than you might imagine. What can you do about it?

Are remote employees worth the distance? With 43 percent of Americans reporting they work remotely, it’s a trend that seems to be sticking around. These experts weigh in on the business benefits companies are seeing.

In the “War for Talent,” identity theft insurance is a benefit on the rise. HR pros not only see it as a way to help protect their employees, but to boost recruitment, retention and engagement at work. Should you consider ID theft insurance?

Why don’t millennials have life insurance? Half of millennials simply haven’t been approached about it, according to a LIMRA survey. Here’s how to get millennials on board.

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