This week we launched another customer into the Best Money Moves program: the Kenneth Young Center, a nonprofit organization offering community mental health and senior services in Chicago’s northwest suburbs.

We’re thrilled to have them on board and excited to work together to help their employees reduce stress and build a strong financial foundation for the future.

While we were at Kenneth Young Center introducing them to the program (and handing out our new Best Money Moves swag!), we asked the crowd how many of them were experiencing some kind of financial stress. Unsurprisingly, almost every hand went up.

Employees told us about the financial stresses they’re facing, from newly-graduated social workers staring down a seemingly insurmountable pile of student debt to a single mother of two who sits awake at night wondering how she’ll make ends meet for the month.

Within hours of the launch, about one-fifth of Kenneth Young Center’s employees had signed in to their Best Money Moves accounts to start exploring the program, identifying the areas of their finances that stressed them out the most and learning how to dial back their financial stress.

The best part? Employees don’t have to pay for it. This resource, along with our accredited Money Coaches they can call day or night with their questions, is provided to them by their employer as part of the organization’s benefit plan.

And we’ve got more companies lining up to join the Best Money Moves movement! Next week we’ll launch a Washington, D.C.-based real estate company.

Want to join us? Email us at for a free trial. You can build your budget, read our growing library of articles, use our cool tools (like the Stressometer) and understand why we believe Best Money Moves is the right move to help your employees dial down their level of financial stress.