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Your employees are aging. One reason your employees are working well into what would normally be considered their retirement years is student debt: theirs, their children’s and even their grandchildren’s.

While most people imagine student debt is an issue that mostly  affects Millennials, their parents are also feeling the pinch of loan payments in their budgets, and struggling with financial stress as a result.

More parents are taking out Parent Plus loans to help cover the full cost of their children’s educations, and these parents are now delaying their retirement to pay off their debts.

See what impact these debts have on your older workers.

Countries with higher retirement incomes tend to have lower financial literacy rates. A survey of youth in 18 countries found the U.S. actually bucks that trend with both low retirement income replacement rates AND low financial literacy rates.  What can be done to fix this?

Scheduling a doctor’s appointment is a struggle for full-time employees, especially if they work a traditional 9-to-5 that requires them to be in the office when the doctor’s office is open. Some companies are now offering concierge health benefits, bringing the doctor to employees in the workplace.

Credit card debt is a huge source of financial stress for employees, and choosing the wrong card can make it worse. Help your workers pick the best card for their finances.

Would you offer employees a choose-your-own benefits plan? This California tech company wanted to offer a student loan repayment benefit but didn’t want to leave out those employees without debt. So they gave employees their choice of three benefits.

Could the state of your finances cost you a job offer? A recent study from the National Financial Educators Council found that 4.08 percent of workers have been denied a job offer or promotion because of their finances. Do you run credit checks on your potential hires?

Showing employee appreciation matters. A whopping 78 percent of employees in a recent survey said they’d work harder if their efforts were better appreciated. How many of these seven ways to show employee appreciation have you tried?

Millennial employees are less likely to say they’re loyal to their employer than older generations. So what can businesses do to cultivate loyalty? Start by upgrading your physical office space and then pile on the perks.

Some employers think more money means more motivated employees, but that might not be the case. Employee motivation is more tied to intrinsic factors, according to a recent study. So what is more motivating than money?

Retirement continues to be one of the biggest sources of financial stress for America’s workers. A recent report by the National Institute on Retirement found that most Americans are “highly anxious about economic security in retirement.” See the report’s other worrying findings.

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