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How much do your employees know about retirement planning?

Probably not as much as they think, and that ignorance can lead to lots of financial stress as they try to plan for their golden years.

The American College of Financial Services and the New York Life Center for Retirement Income put together a retirement planning quiz and the results are shocking: they found that most Americans could only correctly answer two or three questions out of six, effectively failing the quiz.

Without a proper understanding of what retirement planning entails, employees’ retirement-related financial stress will soar as they approach the end of their careers. These are the retirement topics that cause the most confusion.

LGBT employees are protected from workplace discrimination under the Civil Rights Act, a federal appeals court ruled last week. The ruling overturns a previous appeal and states that employers can’t fire employees because of their sexual orientation.

Can your employees customize their benefits packages? A new study from MetLife found that employees – and especially Millennials – report increased loyalty to their employer when they can pick the benefits they find most useful to them. Which benefits do they want most?

Optimism may keep Americans from preparing for the future. A Northwestern Mutual study found that while Americans think the economy will continue to improve this year, they aren’t making long-term financial plans and are setting themselves up for future financial stress.

401(k) plans are a great way to save for retirement, but they’re also misunderstood. Between figuring out how much money to deposit and deciding whether to tap into those funds early, here are 10 common 401(k) misconceptions.

As more Boomers head into retirement, many find they’re under-saved and under-planned, according to a new report. The Insured Retirement Institute found that 30 percent of Boomers have postponed retirement and 26 percent have stopped adding money to their retirement accounts. Here are 10 retirement struggles they face.

More than 61 percent of Americans get their healthcare through employer plans and those employers want to pay less for prescription drugs. A recent survey  of employers found that controlling the cost of pharmaceuticals is a top priority for them in any healthcare reform. See which other issues topped the list.

Sometimes a company culture develops organically and sometimes you have to create it. It starts with identifying your company’s values and implementing practices that reflect those values. Check out these suggestions for practicing common company values.

When employees are financially stressed, they may view their retirement accounts as an easy source of cash. However, borrowing from retirement accounts can rack up taxes and penalties while also reducing the amount of interest accruing on the account. How to combat 401(k) “leakage.”

What annoys your Millennial employees? Calling them Millennials. A study by LIMRA found that less than half of those who fall in the Millennial age group identify with the term and many see it as carrying a negative connotation.

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