Using technology in financial wellness services. Help your team achieve their most important goals by including financial technology services in your benefits program.



Nearly 60 percent of Americans say that money is the top cause of stress in their lives, according to data from PWC. Chances are your employees are dealing with many of the same struggles. Financial stress includes both everyday habits, like building a budget, and bigger goals, like paying off student debt. Tackling these problems while juggling responsibilities at work and at home, can be overwhelming for employees.  

To help your team achieve the goals most important to them, include financial technology services in your benefits program. 

Best Money Moves is an interactive financial wellness benefit that helps employees make smarter choices about their money. Whether employees are building their first budget, paying down debt, working toward homeownership or planning for retirement – Best Money Moves has the tools they need to turn financial goals into reality. Best Money Moves users gain access to a suite of debt trackers, budgeting calculators and a library of 900+ articles, videos and webinars. Our tools empower employees with actionable solutions to real-world problems. Best Money Moves users also receive exclusive member deals from our library of trusted benefits partners, including discounts on insurance, college planning prescription medications and so much more.

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