Most so-called “financial wellness” programs are really out to do one of two things: They’re either trying to sell your employees something they don’t need (like more credit cards) and most likely can’t afford, or they’re looking to accumulate assets under management. Which would be fine – if your employees had any spare change to begin with.

But they don’t. Because they’re broke:

  • 63% of them don’t even have $500 in cash in case of emergencies.
  • More than 70 percent of them don’t even have $15,000 saved for retirement – which as an employer you already know because you see the 401(k) reports.
  • And 80% report feeling moderate or severe financial stress.

Best Money Moves is a different sort of financial wellness program because the only thing we’re trying to do is help your employees. We’re trying to help them understand where their personal finance pain points are, and how they can solve those problems to relieve the crushing financial stress they’re under. To do that, we use cool tools, easy-to-use and understand information, and we add money coaches, so that your employees have a real person to turn to who is trained to help you find ways to fix your budget and get your debt paid down faster. All they have to do is click the number in the top left hand of their Employee Dashboard.

You see, we measure financial stress because we know that’s what’s keeping your employees from being more productive, happier and engaged at work. We know that’s what is causing a big part of your retention problems. And we believe financial stress is tied to poorer health outcomes.

As our founder, Ilyce Glink likes to say, “When you’re stressed, you get sick and when you’re stressed about money you get even sicker.”

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