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2016 saw many changes to the employee benefits industry and companies have been implementing big changes to the benefits they’re offering to full-time, part-time and even contract employees.

Student loan repayment assistance was one of the most popular new employee benefits offered this past year, and programs allow employers to help reduce their employees’ financial stress by contributing dollars to help employees pay down their student loans faster. Staples and Pricewaterhouse Coopers added this benefit this year, while startup Boxed took it one step further – paying wedding expenses for their employees and college tuition for employees’ children. Learn how 10 companies raised the benefits bar this year.

The way an employee quits can tell you a lot about your company. A by-the-book, in-person resignation with a notice period is the most common, but a rash of abrupt exits could be a sign of deeper company problems. Here are the seven most common ways people quit and what they mean for your organization.

A recent study ranked Switzerland as the top country for attracting, retaining and developing talent for the third year in a row. Here’s what we can learn from the Swiss about building better workplaces.

Financial stress isn’t just about the numbers on your account statement. Financial stress can also cause physical symptoms. Learn the signs of financial-stress-induced illness.

Tuition assistance remains a popular employee benefit, but the programs need to be user-friendly for employees to take advantage of them. Here’s how to pick the program that best fits your employees’ needs.

Study abroad programs aren’t just for students anymore. A Pricewaterhouse Coopers study found that moving staff to offices abroad is good for personal career growth and the success of the business. Here’s how “employee exchange programs” can strengthen employee retention.

Employee stress is bad for business. It lowers productivity and increases turnover – both of which are situations HR managers want to avoid. These strategies can help lower stress in your workplace.

American Express is the latest company to add an extended parental leave program to its benefits package. Under the new policy, all full- and part-time employees are eligible for 20 weeks of paid parental leave starting in 2017. Here’s why they did it.

Trump’s pick to head the Department of Labor could be good for business owners but not necessarily for employees, experts say. Andrew Puzder, CEO of CKE Restaurants, opposes raising the minimum wage and has advocated repealing many of Barack Obama’s pro-labor regulations. Here’s what he could mean for the benefits industry.

What can managers do to prevent employee burnout? When employees at SpotHero started showing signs of burnout, the company took action to improve their office environment.


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