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Benefits managers want to offer their workers the highest quality and most in-demand employee benefits. After all, about 57 percent of job seekers say the benefits package is one of their biggest considerations in choosing a new job.

Jobs site Glassdoor used its thousands of employee benefits reviews to compile a list of 20 companies “offering benefits that go beyond the basics and enter legendary status.”

These aren’t just offices with volleyball tournaments or unlimited vacations.

Scripps Health, for example, extends its health care coverage to employees’ furry family members with pet health insurance for dogs and cats.

Facebook, known for its more fun perks, made the list this year for its benefits for interns, including healthcare coverage, free housing and pay that can exceed $7,000 per month.

Check out the rest of the list from Glassdoor to see which employer pays for gender reassignment surgery, which will pay for a bachelor’s degree and which offers 40 hours of paid time off for volunteering.

Employers around the country have voiced concerns about President Trump’s travel restrictions and the impact they’ll have on employees. Here’s how 11 top companies responded.

In recent weeks, judges have blocked two major insurance company mergers that would have consolidated the nation’s five largest insurers into three companies. Learn why the judges ruled against the insurance giants.

Are your company’s employees having trouble saving money? They’re not alone. Multiple studies have found that the majority of Americans have less than $1,000 in savings. Here’s how employers can help.

Workplace stress is taking a toll on employees. In a new survey by staffing firm Accountemps, 60 percent of employees say work-related pressure has increased in the last five years. How can employers help tackle workplace stress?

Exit interviews can be a great tool for identifying your company’s weaknesses and making positive changes. Figuring out why employees left can help you hang on to your remaining talent. Here are six tips for getting the most out of your employees’ exit interviews.

Facebook announced it’s upping its benefits game by doubling bereavement leave and adding paid family sick time, with three days to take care of a sick immediate family member, like a child with the flu. Learn how this fits with the company’s other benefits.

Employee happiness drops after the first year at a new job, according to a study by staffing firm Robert Half. While some employees recover from their “sophomore slump,” others may look for a new job to find that honeymoon feeling again.

Half of Millennials have retirement accounts, but that doesn’t mean their finances are in order. A recent study from George Washington University found that while 69 percent of Millennials think they’re knowledgeable about financial matters and 51 percent have retirement accounts, only 24 percent can answer simple financial questions. This highlights a need for more financial education.

It’s a good time to be in the benefits business. HR jobs are on the rise and, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, unemployment for HR professionals is less than half the national unemployment rate. Here’s why HR pros are in such demand.

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