In this week’s Best Money Moves roundup, we take a look at news stories and new research studies that may impact employee benefits and HR issues. We hope you find this news roundup helpful, and we’d love your feedback.

Is protecting confidential employee data a priority for your company?

Today, confidential data is at a higher risk of being stolen than ever before. A data security breach can quickly lead to identity theft, creating a chain-reaction of ever-growing problems.

Identity theft is not just stressful for your workforce, it costs your business money. More than half of identity theft victims reported missed time from work. Did you know that work-related stress leads to lost productivity, higher rates of turnover, lowered levels of financial wellness and even puts your employees at a greater risk for significant health problems?

Safeguarding your workforce from identity theft is a constant battle. Stay vigilant when collecting (and storing) sensitive employee data and stay informed on the latest and most innovative cyber-security options.

Show your employees you care about employee data with these five strategic steps.

The Equifax hack may be worse than previously reported. Last year’s hack affected 145 million Americans. In addition to Social security numbers, birth dates, driver’s license numbers and addresses, it is now being reported that tax identification numbers and driver’s license issuance dates were also stolen.

Hackers are stealing your identity – here’s what you need to know

Small business owners need to know about Amazon Web Services. AWS provides software to not only large corporations, but also to small businesses who may be seeking a way to offload software and infrastructure management.

Why your small business may benefit from AWS

Companies understand that happier and healthier employees are more productive. Improving their benefits will help retain your workforce and is much less expensive than raising salaries. With this year’s tax cut, companies are starting to spend a bit more on employee perks – do you know which employee benefits your team wants?

Which perks are the best perks after the new tax cut?

#MeToo hasn’t lessened harassment on professional social media sites. Since October 2017, there’s been a “public reckoning over workplace sexual assault and harassment.” So, why is it still pervasive? Why are inappropriate messages (still) being sent on professional networking sites? Are your employees receiving (or sending) harassing correspondence?

How to deal with cyber-harassers and their victims

Can tax reform influence defined benefit funding decisions? How will these benefit funding decisions impact pension management strategies? If your company is in the midst of figuring out how tax reform will affect everything related to short and long-term spending options, here are four steps that can help guide you – and your decision making.

2018’s tax reform and your company’s spending decisions

Are you attempting to build a diverse and inclusive workplace? We certainly hope so! Here are the most impactful recruiting trends when you want to recruit for diversity, inclusion, and social fit. Do you need to completely overhaul your company culture?

Refresh your selection criteria for an inclusive workplace

Color, texture, technology and atmosphere. These aren’t necessarily the words you think of when imagining positive affectivity and productivity in an office space. But, workplaces have come a long way – investing in person-friendly work environments improves efficiency, enhances productivity and inspires innovation.

Top workplace design trends for 2018

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