In the Best Money Moves Roundup, we run down the latest news on traumatic incidents in the workplace, pet perks, and payday advances.

Employees need support and guidance after traumatic events – like the sudden loss of a colleague or a natural disaster – but only 26 percent of workers are getting it.

Most employees surveyed by Workplace Options (WPO) have worked for an organization that experienced a traumatic event. More than half of them said that a disaster recovery plan (DRP) or business continuity plan (BCP) wasn’t in place to help employees affected by the event – or if there was nobody told them about it.

DRP’s are a valuable benefit for nearly 70 percent of employees and should be a priority for  employers. It’s estimated that less than half of employers have a DRP or BCP plan in place, but they’re critical for dealing with disasters.

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What we’re reading:

Office pet perks? Corporations are starting to bring in pets for occasional office visits to reduce employee stress, Amazon even allows employees to bring their dogs to work daily. Learn about the psychological benefits of pet perks.

Employer payday advances. Early access to pay is a financial perk that could make employees happier, but is it a good idea since most Americans are already struggling to save? See for yourself.

Wellness initiatives lower diabetes. New research found that those who tested as diabetic or prediabetic had normal blood levels after participating in an employer-sponsored wellness program. Combat rising healthcare costs.

Exits are opportunities in disguise. Whether you collect information from a departing employee through an interview or survey, it’s important that you obtain their feedback. Mitigate future turnover risks and costs.

Empathy is key. Employees would be willing to leave their job for a more empathetic employer, so respect is still crucial for job satisfaction. Find out what the C.A.R.E. model is and how it can help employers be more empathetic.

Discover joins tuition trend. Degree assistance has been a hot employee benefit this summer and Discover plans to join in by offering the majority of employees (even new hires) full rides for bachelor’s degrees at several schools. More on this developing benefit.

Your employees need more than a vacation. Stress dissipates on vacation, but for most employees it comes back in full force the second they get back to work. How to address the larger problem.

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