Coronavirus and financial stress, March 2020. Free Best Money Moves to help your employees manage their finances and reduce stress.

Coronavirus = Employee Financial Stress: Get Best Money Moves for Free

Coronavirus is everywhere – and so is the fear that your employees will get it, infect themselves and their families, as well as their colleagues.

If you’re like most of the people I know in HR, you’re up to your ears now trying to get your employees set up to work from home. Figuring out this new way of working for an indeterminate period of time, is complicated: there are new procedures to write, new rules to lay out and communicate, technology issues to solve, and new worries to deal with. 

Underlying all of this, is employee financial stress. The C-suite is worried that business will disappear, revenue will evaporate, and many industries will experience a massive, almost immediate shift. Your employees are worried about exactly the same things.  Your job is to help them feel as secure as possible when life is anything but.

What I’m hearing today is that employee financial stress has gone through the roof. We’re seeing unprecedented use of our technology, with rising Stressometer(R) scores. 

And even if their job is safe for the moment, their spouse or partner’s job, as well as any sidekick income they were bringing in, may not be. We are already hearing about Coronavirus layoffs, and even if your company is doing well, everyone’s retirement is affected when the stock market declines by 30 percent in less than three months.

How can you help? Constant communication is a must these days, as well as projecting calm and thoughtful consideration. But you already know that.

Here’s something else: top quality financial information is also important, along with reminding employees about all of the benefits that your company offers them that might help them through these tough times.

We want to help, too. We’re offering three months of access to our Best Money Moves platform for free. If you’d like to extend access to the platform, or offer access to our money coaches or free credit scores after the three months has elapsed, we’ll work with you to push any payments owed until later in 2020 or even January 2021.*

The important thing is to help your employees feel reduced financial stress so they can focus on their health, and doing the work you’re paying them to do.

Email today to get the ball rolling. We can get your employees set up on Best Money Moves in a few days. 

Best Money Moves. Because you need to make your best money moves every day.

*This offer is available only to companies that are not already customers of Best Money Moves. This offer may be rescinded at any time. Contact for details.