COVID-19 information center for employers and employees: what to understand. Coronavirus relief information for small businesses and those experiencing job loss.

Finding up-to-date resources on available aid during the COVID-19 (Novel Coronavirus) pandemic can be a lot to handle as the virus continues to spread across the United States and dominate the news. To make things easier to follow, we’ve put together a list of resources from trusted sources including the Center for Disease Control, World Health Organization, The Department of Labor, The Department of Housing and Urban Development and more.

We’ll keep updating this article with relevant links and information as the situation develops.

Coronavirus Information from the Center for Disease Control & the World Health Organization:

If you’re looking for a place to start finding more information about the Coronavirus-COVID-19 pandemic, there’s no better place than these links from the CDC and the WHO, trusted public health organizations. 

General CDC guidelines

Guidelines for cleaning/disinfecting

COVID-19 general FAQ

Information from the World Health Organization

COVID-19 Unemployment Information:

For those experiencing job loss, we’ve compiled a list of federal and state-specific unemployment resources to help you get back on your feet. Be warned, the high number of current unemployment claims may cause you to experience significant delays in the process. 

Updated unemployment guidelines from the U.S. Department of Labor

Resources for unemployment applicants by state:

Alaska Montana
Alabama Nebraska
Arizona Nevada
Arkansas New Hampshire
California New Jersey
Colorado New Mexico
Connecticut New York
Delaware North Carolina
Florida North Dakota
Georgia Ohio
Hawaii Oklahoma
Idaho Oregon
Illinois Pennsylvania
Indiana Rhode Island
Iowa South Carolina
Kansas South Dakota
Kentucky Tennessee
Louisiana Texas
Maine Utah
Maryland Vermont
Massachusetts Virgina
Michigan Washington
Minnesota West Virginia
Mississippi Wisconsin
Missouri Wyoming


Coronavirus Mortgage/Rent Relief Information:

If you’re in need of mortgage and/or rent relief, these links will direct you to relevant resources, though this list is by no means exhaustive. 

Mortgage relief, from Fannie Mae

Mortgage relief, from Freddie Mac

Information, from the Federal Housing Finance Agency

Information, from the Department of Housing and Urban Development

Eviction and foreclosure suspensions by state, from the National Low Income Housing Coalition

Coronavirus and Student Loan Debt:

Especially in times like these, student loan debt can feel overwhelming and even harder to manage than under normal circumstances. Find up-to-date information on the options you have for your student loans here. 

Federal student loan and forbearance information, from the Department of Education

COVID-19 Support for Small Businesses:

Small business owners have been hit hard by the coronavirus pandemic, but fortunately there are resources in place to help you stay afloat in the short term. 


Information on aid from the U.S. small business association

New York Times report on upcoming aid to small businesses

Coronavirus Support for Families:

Families struggling to deal with the ramifications of the coronavirus pandemic may need additional help managing special conditions. We’ve linked resources to topic areas that may be relevant to your family’s situation. 

Mental health resources, from the National Alliance on Mental Illness

Resources for addiction treatment and COVID-19, from the American Society of Addiction Medicine

Resources for talking to children about COVID-19, from The National Association of School Psychologists

Helping children with autism through COVID-19, from Autism Speaks

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