5 financial steps to support employees in 2022. Consider these 5 suggestions for bringing financial wellness to your workforce in 2022, as well as why these steps are good for employers as well as employees.

According to a 2021 Capital One CreditWise survey, 73 percent of Americans rank their finances as the most significant source of stress in their life. And stress has real life implications: Eighty percent of US employees spend 12-20 hours per month dealing with financial concerns at work according to the IFEBP (International Foundation of Employee Benefit Plans). Financial wellness can help alleviate that stress and lead to more focused employees.

Here are five steps to increasing employee financial wellness for 2022.

1. Help your employees plan for the future

According to a study by EBRI and Greenwald Research, about two in three employees expressed concern about their financial future. There are programs employers can offer such as a rainy day savings account program that can help ease these issues. Utilizing these programs is also a good way to signal to employees that their financial wellness is a priority. Among those polled, 72 percent of workers who reported facing increased financial setbacks during the pandemic said they would be more attracted to another company that cared more about financial well-being than their current employer.

2. Instruct your employees on how to use your current financial benefits

A recent survey by Voya financial found that 35% of employees do not fully understand the benefit programs in which they were enrolled. This does not mean that employees are discouraged from enrolling in these programs or learning more about their finances. The same study found that around two-thirds of employees want their employer to help them better understand their employee benefits. Talking about financial well-being and asking for help with their financial wellness can be daunting for many employees. Employers should take a proactive approach to alert their employees to available benefits.

3. Alleviate your employee’s stress with debt reduction programs

The average American household has $15,706 in credit card debt and the average federal student loan debt is $36,510 per borrower. Debt can be a burden that contributes to long-term stress as well as mental health strain. Employer-sponsored student loan relief programs have grown increasingly popular among workforces. Many potential employees, especially those just entering the workforce, feel burdened by their student debt. Offering these programs is a great way for an employer to stand out to potential new hires.

4. Be sure your retirement strategy is still going strong

According to a study conducted by the Department of Labor, only 40% of Americans have calculated the amount they need to save for retirement. The best time for employees to start saving is right now. Employers can emphasize this by using 401(k) or other retirement plans. The most common retirement plan is the 401(k) match where the employer grants a certain amount to the plan based on how much the employee contributes. Employers that utilize these plans are desirable to potential new hires. According to a survey by Willis Towers Watson, 51% percent of employees joined their current employer primarily because they offered a retirement plan.

5. Utilize financial wellness benefit programs

A good way to aid your employees in minimizing the stress associated with finance is by instituting financial wellness programs or benefits. There are a wide variety of these programs from financial counseling sessions to employer matching programs. Employees will appreciate the access to financial education as over 50% of financially-stressed employees are afraid to ask for help with their finances according to Pwc. The cost of these programs is manageable for most employers and is often well worth the additional productivity seen from workers who use the benefits. 

There are many benefits to financial education including being prepared to tackle debt, making smarter decisions with how to spend money and a less stressful 2022. 

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