High-earning employees need financial help, too. A six-figure salary doesn’t always translate to financial security. Here are 4 ways high-earning employees can benefit from financial wellness programs.

It’s a common misconception that a six-figure salary always translates to financial security and that high-earning employees have no need for financial wellness benefits. However, this isn’t always the case. What’s more, a good financial wellness program offers tools for those who are secure and not just at-risk employees.

Here are 4 reasons that even your high-earning employees still need financial wellness resources.

1. More money doesn’t always mean fewer financial concerns for high-earning employees.

Financial wellness means different things to different people, even those with higher-than-average incomes. However, with rising rents and record-high inflation, even a six-figure salary doesn’t necessarily guarantee financial security. Almost 20% of employees earning over $100,000 live paycheck to paycheck, according to a Willis Towers Watson survey. Living paycheck to paycheck means that termination, or even a late paycheck, can put an individual and their family at risk. 

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It’s important to limit broad assumptions about your team’s financial security based on pay alone. Companies can help prevent financial vulnerability through personally tailored budgeting and spending tools. These financial resources can support employees, at all income levels, toward increased financial wellness. 

2. Even employees with a basic level of financial wellness want more.

A Morgan Stanley at Work survey found that even employees with a good foundation of financial wellness still admit needing help to reach their short-term and long-term financial goals. 

Companies can get more specific on the financial goals of their own employees by conducting internal surveys, and then matching those needs with the right financial wellness resources. Together, this can help companies further employees’ financial knowledge and empower their financial wellness.

3. High-earning employees want three key financial wellness benefits.

According to the Morgan Stanley data, high earners were generally attracted to three financial wellness benefits:

  • Retirement planning (69%)
  • Access to financial advising (57%)
  • General financial education (41%)

This poll data may be surprising to some, but again, more income doesn’t mean better money management. In fact, the same Morgan Stanley poll showed that high-earning employees who are less confident about their personal finances are more likely to gravitate toward certain benefits, even those that may seem simplistic like budgeting and spending tools. There is no shame in asking for more help and with the right financial wellness program, companies can deliver such help to all employees.

4. Financial wellness can help you go beyond with company retirement matching.

Retirement planning is a priority for employees of all backgrounds; however, not every retirement benefit can be utilized by high-earning employees. For instance, companies cannot match 401(k) contributions on income above the annual compensation cap, which is currently $305,000, according to the IRS. This puts high earners at a disadvantage because their company is only matching a small percentage of their income for retirement.

Instead, according to Tom Conlon, Head of Retirement Sales for Morgan Stanely at Work, companies should go beyond the retirement match and consider equity or nonqualified deferred compensation plans, which are gaining popularity in the workplace. 

Conlon emphasizes that a good financial wellness plan considers what top earning employees need, and it can be a way to stand out and retain top talent.

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