5 benefits to help employees cope with inflation. Inflation is the highest it’s been in years. Here’s how employers can support their teams cope with inflation with the right benefits choices. 

As inflation skyrockets, the effects are felt throughout the US workforce. According to BenefitsPro, 82% of HR executives are concerned that their employees’ personal finance issues affect workplace productivity. 

Luckily, there are methods employers can use to help employees weather this period. Here are 5 benefits employers can use to help employees cope with inflation.

1. Improved Retirement Benefits

Increased inflation is straining “rainy day funds” and other savings for employees. According to the AARP, 39% of employees have nothing saved for emergencies and 20% have nothing in their retirement accounts. A few great ways for employers to assist employees are auto-enrolled retirement plans and increasing 401(k) contributions. Improving retirement benefits can also be a great way for employers to keep up with the competition in their industry. According to SHRM, 16% of large and midsize US employers plan to raise 401(k) contributions or reinstate a contribution match for 2022.

2. Health Care Assistance

A strategy for employers to signal to employees that their needs are being cared for is by increasing health care benefits. This assistance can come in many forms such as covering the cost of health insurance or assisted savings programs. Health care costs can often drag behind increases in consumer prices, so employees may face an increase in costs that will last throughout this year and next.

According to the Kaiser Family Foundation, 46% of employees reported that they have less than $1,000 in out-of-pocket costs for any unexpected hospital/doctor visit. Assisting with health care can also help alleviate mental health problems amongst workers. According to AFLAC, about half of all employees report having anxiety about covering the cost of healthcare beyond what their insurance covers.

3. Student Loan Repayment Assistance

Repaying the student loans that employees are indebted to is a great way to repay the workers for the investment they made in higher education. The government has tried to encourage businesses to implement these programs in their benefits packages. In 2020, employers that offered student loan repayment assistance doubled from 4 to 8%. However, in a survey by SHRM, 41% of young adult employees placed student loan assistance in their top 3 benefit choices.

4. Financial Planning and Coaching

Financial Planning and Coaching benefits showcase a gap between employer benefits and what employees want. According to BenefitsPro, only 35% of employers offer financial planning and 24% offer financial coaching while 60% of employees want personalized financial planning and 54% of employees want personalized financial coaching. Utilizing a service like Best Money Moves makes it easy for employees to find custom solutions to each employee’s problems.

5. Comprehensive Financial Benefit Packages

The best way to address the evolving personal finance needs of employees is by providing financial wellness benefits that can address a wide range of issues. According to Obsidian, 34% of workers spend some of their work hours on personal finances. Working in close communication with workers about what plan works best for them makes it easy to have a healthy workplace and can increase productivity. Best Money Moves is a platform that provides many of the solutions that employees are searching for.

Help employees cope with inflation with financial wellness solutions from Best Money Moves.

If you’re looking for a first-in-class financial wellness solution, Best Money Moves could be the answer you need. Best Money Moves is a financial wellness program that provides all the guidance and support employees need to help them reduce their financial stress. It has tools and features that help employees measure their financial stress, budget for monthly expenses, pay down debt and plan for emergencies.

Employees can talk to trained professional financial counselors and educate themselves about everything from investing to co-signing loans and buying their first homes with access to a library of over 700 articles, videos and calculators. 

Best Money Moves is also gamified, featuring a point-based rewards system where users earn points every time they log in, enter their information into their profile, work with their budgets, read articles and measure their stress. Each point translates into a chance to win a monthly contest.

Employers want a financial wellness program that is expansive, engaging and suited to meet each of their employee’s unique needs and they’ve found it in Best Money Moves.

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