5 advantages of digital benefits. Digital benefits options may be the next wave of HR. These are 5 major advantages of offering digital benefits in the workplace. 

The work landscape looks different today than it did just two years ago and HR teams everywhere are working hard to keep up. According to Mercer, 85% of organizations are changing their benefits due to the pandemic and 60% of companies are increasing their investment in employee wellbeing.

With remote and hybrid work as the new normal, digital benefits have become the hottest trend in HR. Here are 5 advantages that digital benefits can offer your team.

1. Digital benefits can increase retention and attract new hires.

Offering digital benefits can be attractive to many employees as going digital often means a more flexible schedule and a better work-life balance. According to Lorman, 83% of millennials say work-life balance is the most important factor when considering a potential job. An all-inclusive benefits program can also wind up saving employers on the back end. As reported by Employee Benefit News, on average, it costs 33% of an employee’s salary to replace them.

2. Accessible data makes information management easier.

There are many available pieces of information that can be useful for HR divisions. Utilizing a digital benefits system that aggregates all employee data in one place makes it easy for the HR department to make beneficial changes to the office and work environment. At the same time, the system can keep personal data personal and only provide the HR representative with the data they need.

3. Better benefits accessibility can mean improved employee mental health.

One way employers can play a role in reducing the stigma associated with mental health services is by providing readily available services in their comprehensive digital benefits package. The lack of readily available digital mental health benefits shows a disconnect between employer and employee. 

According to a survey from Bank of America, 60% of employees said that their mental health significantly impacts their wellbeing while only a third of employers communicate about mental and physical health more than twice a year.   Improved mental health for employees can also increase productivity and increase office morale. Nearly 86% of employees report increased work performance and lower rates of missing work after receiving treatment for depression according to a SHRM survey.

4. It’s important to keep your benefits offerings visible, even while working remote.

This can be hugely beneficial for employees to ensure often-marginalized groups have their voices heard. If an employee’s voice goes unheard, it can lead to lower motivation and productivity. According to Joblist, 38% of employees have gone above and beyond to increase their visibility since work went remote. Providing a digital benefits package is a great way for employers to return the favor. However, it’s important that employers toe the line between monitoring work on a digital space and invasions of privacy into employee’s data.

5. Digital benefits lead to increased employee satisfaction.

Digital benefits are a great way to signal to employees that their needs are being met. According to Willis Tower Watson, 78% of employees said they were more likely to stay with an employer because of their benefits program. However, to it’s vital for employers to ensure that their employees understand how to use their benefits effectively and to listen to what their employees want. One of the best ways to do that is by providing a comprehensive digital financial wellness program. According to a Bank of America survey, the demand for professional, personalized financial advice from employees has steadily increased since the pandemic.


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