3 ways to attract Gen Z and Millennial employees. Gen Z and Millennials are the next generation of American workers. Here are three top benefits to help attract these key employees.

Gen Z and Millennial employees now comprise roughly 46% of the U.S. workforce, according to data from Gallup, and with them comes a new way to think about benefits. LinkedIn research shows that young employees demand new talent strategies. 

Here are 3 ways companies are working to attract, and retain, Gen Z and Millennials within the job market.

Gen Z and Millennial employees: Who is who?

To help distinguish between Gen Z and Millennial employees, Pew Research Center defined Millennials as those born between 1981-1996 and unveiled a new generational cohort — Gen Z. Anyone born in 1997 and onward is considered Gen Z. 

In terms of generation age, Millennials would be 26 to 41 years old in 2022 and Gen Z would be 10 to 25 years old. Currently, there is no official end point for Gen Z; however, Pew Research Center estimates a cutoff point for those born around 2012.

3 ways to attract Gen Z and Millennial employees

1. Highlight flexibility and continue offering remote work

Benefits like flexibility and remote work are no longer seen as luxuries or temporary adjustments. Today, young employees value flexibility and remote work as workplace essentials here to stay, even post-pandemic. 

Gen Z has been the most mobile segment of the labor force since the onset of the pandemic, with a migration rate up 23%, according to LinkedIn data, surpassing Millennials and later generations. In addition, Gen Z is 17% more likely to apply for remote jobs than other generations. 

To help capture young employees, companies have been highlighting the latitude and freedom that they offer employees by using target keywords like “flexibility” in job descriptions. According to Microsoft’s 2022 Work Trend Index, Gen Z is 77% likely to engage with a LinkedIn job posting if it mentions “flexibility,” followed by Millennials (30%).

2. Invest in employee wellbeing and financial wellness

The pandemic has encouraged companies to take a newfound approach to wellbeing, which is driven by the sentiments of young Americans today. Compared to older generations, young people are more likely to believe that companies are responsible for the overall health of employees. In response, companies are increasingly investing in mental and physical health resources, as well as financial wellness programs. 

According to TIAA’s 2022 Financial Wellness Survey, over 60% of Gen Z and Millennials believe that employers are responsible for the financial wellness of employees, compared to just 41% of Baby Boomers and 29% of the Silent Generation. By investing in financial wellness programs, companies can support the overall wellness of all employees, while specifically attracting the younger generations. 

3. Support a healthy work-life balance

Young Americans deeply value a work-life balance — this allows them to freely engage with side projects, businesses and other personal interests. According to Microsoft’s research, about 70% of Gen Z and Millennials want to generate more income via their side projects and businesses within the next year. Companies can support a healthy work-life balance by offering flexible work schedules, increased paid time off or even gym reimbursements, to name a few. 

While some companies may see this as a threat to productivity, Renate Norman, Microsoft’s, general manager of global university recruiting, encourages companies to see this as helping employees find a creative outlet and the space to pursue their passions. 

Failure to meet the wants of young employees can cause companies to miss out on top talent and earn higher attrition rates. According to Microsoft’s 2022 survey, young employees are more likely to switch employers in pursuit of their wants and non-negotiables (52%), compared to Generation X and Baby Boomers (35%). 

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